Rotkäppchen Bottle Fermentation Chardonnay Extra Dry

Rotkäppchen Bottle Fermentation Chardonnay Extra Dry

Rotkäppchen's winemakers have been cultivating the art of producing sparkling wine since 1856. They have composed this extra dry, fruity, single grape variety of Chardonnay sparkling wine from select wines.

Produced through bottle fermentation and matured for over nine months, this golden yellow Chardonnay sparkling wine from Rotkäppchen is supplied with a subtle fruity character. In addition to a finely balanced nutty-buttery note, the bouquet emits a delicate scent of honeydew. The harmonic acidity lends this crisp, sparkling, bottle fermented Rotkäppchen extra dry Chardonnay a unique mellow, full-bodied flavour.

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