Rotkäppchen Alcohol-Free

Rotkäppchen Alcohol-Free


Rotkäppchen Alcohol-Free is the fresh and fruity alternative for all those who love Rotkäppchen Sekt but want to do without alcohol. The selected wines are de-alcoholised in a very careful fashion to preserve the typical fine and fruity and full-bodied Rotkäppchen taste. Rotkäppchen Alcohol-Free has 50% fewer calories and thus promises perfect but light pleasure.

Full taste – even “without alcohol”.

When de-alcoholising wine, sparkling wine or beer, one makes use of the different boiling points of alcohol and other liquids. Alcohol vaporises at 78° Celsius, while water, for example, needs  a temperature of 100° Celsius. This method may, however, induce a loss of flavours and aromas since such heat destroys many an ingredient that makes for a wine’s full and balanced taste.

We therefore make use of the fact that in a vacuum the boiling point of liquids is much lower: at about 30°C for alcohol and at 40 – 50°C for water, depending upon the vacuum level. We thus do not have to overheat the wines we use for Rotkäppchen Alkoholfrei and are able to preserve its typical fine and fruity and full-bodied Rotkäppchen taste.

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